Trish’s Recipes

These recipes are used frequently at my house. Click on any Subject Heading to be taken to a
page of recipes.  Each recipe is on a plain text page
designed to print out quickly, if you wish to do so.

Some of these recipes made much smaller quantities originally –
I have increased the amounts of some of them, to suit our family size over the years.

There’s no calorie counting here –
just the foods that we really, really like.

Don’t be afraid to experiment a bit –
add your own seasonings, or change the quantities of some ingredients.

I recently re-organized my recipe “collection”.
This consisted of clippings from magazines and newspapers, gathered over 25 years.
I put the recipes in folders, by topic, and have now begun to try them…it may take years to get through them all!
As I make them, I add the ones I like to these pages.

Trish’s Recipes is a work in progress!
More recipes to follow!