Of Cabbages and Kings

Lost Pounds, do not try to find them, thanks!

I have *really* neglected this blog. Oh my. Well, I am updating now, and then I will be working on a complete revamp of this website.

I am now 129.6 pounds, at the latest weigh-in, last Friday September 2.

So far, I’ve lost 50 pounds, in 13 months. I have another 9.6 or so pounds to go, then I can eat a bit more per day – currently at

1200 calories per day – as long as I continue to exercise.

I have been using the MedHelp site to keep track of calories and exercise. It is free. There are other similar sites if you search.

BTW, this blog software shows me spam so it is a waste of time to send spam comments. I delete them.

Another Week Another Pound, or Not

I have lost 2 pounds this past week! I check my weight once a week, at the same time of day. Have been battling a cold and flu so didn’t use the treadmill, elliptical trainer and Gazelle like I should have done, but I did stay close to 1200 calories a day. Next goal is to reach 140 pounds!

Losing Weight

I have been dieting since August 2010 in earnest, with a small attempt to cut back on calories from May 2010 until then. In May I weighed 184 pounds. In August, 179.2.

Today I am 147.8, on a 1200 calorie a day diet and exercise program. I am going to keep track here of my weight loss and any other information that may be related to that.