An Indoor Cat is a Happy Cat

Our neighbors have a beautiful black and white cat. It wears a collar.

They put it outside every morning. I cringe when I see it, sitting on their doorstep.

“Why?” you ask.

Because in the outdoors, that beautiful cat is likely to be:

– hit by a car

– poisoned
possibly by antifreeze [cats love the taste, and it’s usually fatal]
or by ingesting some plant in the garden or flowerbed –
many plants are poisonous to cats

– chased and/or injured by a dog

– chased and/or injured by humans

– injured in a fight with another cat

– choked by the collar, if the cat gets caught in a tree limb or a branch

In addition, a cat may catch a disease, from eating a mouse or a bird.

A cat may also catch a disease from another cat.

Why would anyone who cares for their pet cat, want to allow it to roam outside?

To allow a cat to roam outdoors is truly a cruel thing to do.

Birds are killed by cats, another reason to keep a cat indoors.
Bird lovers will thank you for doing so!