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1. NEW!!

My Blog

2. Ham pages are here –

3. Molly b.’s Thyroid Pages

4. Molly z.’s Sleep Disorders – about PLMD

5. Ankle Fusion surgery – about ankle arthrodesis
Includes a forum.

6. Seventh Day Adventist no longer
Cult or true religion??
my experiences and personal opinion

7. Recipes are added as I try them

8. I quit smoking
tips on how to do it.
I quit after 30 years as a smoker.
If I can quit, so can you!

9. Adoption Reunion Story!
Danny and I met on May 24, 2004
pictures taken during our May 2007 trip here

Adoption Reunion Poetry too!

10. Photos
the cat, scenery, family and craft projects
Photos of our trip to Denmark and Germany, including family photos
Crafts – Crochet Christmas Tree wall hanging – with
photos and pattern!

11. Choose-the-Romance Tales
these little stories are based on
a mix of fact and fiction – with a hint of the paranormal…

12. Poetry All original,
written over a span of about 20 years….

13. The Death of Common Sense – Author Unknown

Come and read the Obituary!
(Especially for those tired of Political Correct-ness)
This is the only item on this site that is not written by me!

14. An Indoor Cat is a Happy Cat find out why it’s
cruel to let your cat roam outdoors