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Ankle Fusion (Arthrodesis)

Recovery from Ankle Fusion Surgery

I was in the hospital from Friday when the surgery took place, until Monday.  I was on intravenous at first, and then given morphine once when the blocker freezing came out. [Saturday pm]

Other than at that time, I did not experience any severe pain.  I was given Percocet in the hospital and some tablets to take home.  After the first 4 to 5 days, I stopped the Percocet except at bedtime. I started to take Tylenol extra strength instead, after a week or so.

I was to be off the foot, with instructions "non-weight bearing right foot, but may rest foot on ground with cast shoe on."

I would not be able to return to work for one month, then for just a few hours twice a week (sedentary only).

It would be a gradual process returning to full-time work after 5 months, and no driving during that time.

The foot up to knee was encased in a temporary gauze and bandage cast.

While in hospital I was sent to a Physiotherapist for instructions on using crutches. The Homecare nurse suggested a walker instead of crutches for in home use. This made things much easier - I found the walker made getting around the house was more practical.

It required a lot of concentration to get used to hopping on the left foot, and not using the right one.

Ten days later, in early August, I had an appointment to see the surgeon at the Cast Clinic.  They removed the temporary cast and put a fiberglass cast on, from foot to just below the knee. X-rays were also done at this time.

About six weeks later, In September, I returned to the Cast Clinic and again had x-rays done.  The doctor was pleased with the results.  I was given an air cast this time, with instructions to wait 2 weeks before putting any weight on it.

After the 2 weeks, I was able to put 25% of body weight on the right foot.  This is determined by gently placing right foot on a scale, and pressing down to get to the 25% of your body weight.  This next goes to 50% of body weight, then to 75% and finally to 100%.

I returned to the Cast Clinic in early November, walking on the right foot.  They removed the cast, did x-rays again and the specialist said he would like to see me one more time at his office in January for a final checkup. I was allowed to walk, drive and return to work, but with no heavy lifting.

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After Surgery

There was some pain after the nerve blocker came out.

I was given a prescription for Percocet, although I did not need them after the first few days.